Wide Range of Door and Window Furniture

ABC Locksmiths is pleased to be able to offer our customers a wide range of door hardware options, listed here are just some of the products we offer.  We carry a quality range of door and window furniture and we can repair and replace your existing hardware with the latest in home and commercial door and window furniture.

Quality Products, Attractive Prices:

We are focused on providing our customers with a wide selection of quality products at attractive prices.  We will always strive not only to meet  but exceed your service expectations.

           Lockwood Lever Handle Standard   Lockwood Lever Handle Slim    Zenith Mortice Handles              Lockwod Push Pull Plates
       Lockwood Std L/ Handle  Lockwood  Slim L/ Handle       Zenith Mortice Handles            Lockwood Push Pull Plates

           BDS Scar Plate     Zenith Mortice Lock      ADI Blocker Plate           Dorma Exit Device
                  BDS Scar Plate              Zenith Mortice Lock               ADI Blocker Plate                          Dorma Exit Device

           Dalco Panic Bolt         Dalco Barrel Bolt     Nova Flush Bolt            Astra Indicator Bolt   
                Dalco Panic Bolt                  Dalco Barrel  Bolt                   Nova Flush Bolt                             Astra Indicator Bolt

            Kidde Touch Key Cabinet        Kidde Key Safe        Chubb Door Viewer             Nova Door Stop
             Kidde Touch Key Cabinet             Kidde Key Safe                 Chubb Door Viewer                       Nova Door Stop 

                                                                     Our Reputation IS Our Business
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