General Locks

Residential Handles and Locks:

Ensuring that you have the right type of lock for your home or business is important.  A securely fitted lock will provide you with a secure environment. ABC Locksmiths offer a huge range of residential and commercial handles and locks, manufactured by leading brands such as Lockwood, Kaba, Brava and Whitco.

ABC Locksmiths Adelaide carry a large range of general locks for the domestic market.  The range includes padlocks and mortice locks, as well as locks for your letterbox and garage, and sliding screen door.

We can also supply and install locks to steel and wooden gates and can perform upgrades on older locks to be in line with newer technology.

Quality Locks From Top Manufacturers:

Roller Door Lock            Gainsborough Trilock            Gate Lock                   201 Night Latch   
        Roller Door Lock                     Gainsborough Trilock                           Gate Lock                              201 Night Latch

Lockwood 3572 Mortic               Tasman MKII             Leichardt Sliding Door                  Lockwood 530 Entrance
   Lockwood 3572 Mortice                   Tasman MKII                         Leichardt Sliding Door                       Lockwood 530 Entrance

Lockwood 930 Handle
             Lockwood 002 Digital                   Lockwood 530 Digital               Lockwood 692 Cupboard
Lockwood 930 Handle                   Lockwood 002 Digital                      Lockwood 530 Digital                 Lockwood 692 Cupboard

Shed T-Handle                 Lockwood Paradigm                    Lockwood 001 Touch           Lockwood Onyx
      Shed T-Handle                         Lockwood Paradigm                           Lockwood 001 Touch                    Lockwood Onyx 

Lockwood 680 Patio Bolt
            Whitco Cylinder
    Lockwood 680 Patio Bolt              Whitco Cylinder 

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